Vitality Fitness

Science meets health coaching and personal training

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Many of us need a bit more support with health issues that are disrupting our fitness and life goals. And that is what Vitality Fitness is all about, it combines the benefits of lifestyle health coaching with personal training to attain amazing results.

This unique health & fitness program benefits from targeted simple lab work to identify metabolic dysfunction and appropriate remedies , combined
with two highly efficient 30-minute training sessions weekly…to help you Regain Your Vitality.

Here are some of the key elements included with Vitality Fitness:

  • Comprehensive Health Intake
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Tailored Personal Training
  • Total Body Integrated Exercises
  • Simple Targeted Lab Work
  • Lab Results Interpretation
  • Authentic Eating™ Guidance
  • Detox & Toxin Avoidance
  • Health Practitioner Support
  • Weekly Accountability & Coaching
  • Program Duration – Approx. 12 Weeks

Whether its weight gain, hypertension, chronic fatigue, Type-2 diabetes, skin issues, lack of mental focus, or you name the symptom… this is a sign of Metabolic Chaos. Your body is just not functioning the way it is supposed to and that is what Vitality Fitness is all about.

Vitality Fitness is a lifestyle-based health & wellness exercise program designed to get your whole body back on track.

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To learn more about the Vitality Fitness program, contact Dana at 925.683.6275