Exercise is one of the key ingredients to an overall fitness plan…and a healthy body.

Personal Training

After your initial movement assessment to determine your fitness foundation, a highly efficient total body personal training  program is designed specifically for you. Results can be experienced is as little as two sessions weekly.

Personal Training is just that: Fitness training that is designed for your personal needs. That means we work around your goals, injuries, schedule, and dreams….to help you be the best you can be!!!
Our personal trainers at Body Zing have a love of fitness AND people and it shows! We are part coach, part motivator, and even part friend. We are committed to helping each person achieve his/her fitness goals.
We focus on a healthy lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, mindset) that seeks to model how beneficial and satisfying it is to be fit. We never stop learning and are constantly challenging ourselves with the latest methods, ideas, and science to help you exercise in a safe and effective way.
We do individual or semi-private training to help you and your friends/family stay fit and healthy.
Let us ignite your passion to be fit and strong and help you get the results you are after!

Meet Your Personal Trainers

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Yes, I want to jump right in!

Give us a call 925- 890-8805 and we will schedule your first introductory personal training session. Likewise, give us a call if you have any questions about BodyZing or how we do things? We will be glad to help you.

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